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NYC Renovation and Restoration

LMA Group specializes in renovating and restoring New York City townhouses and luxury apartments, encompassing both traditional and modern design. We approach each project with the anticipation of forming a relationship that can last years, or even decades.

For us, it’s the differences that make things fascinating. Combine two apartments? We’ve done that. (We’ve combined as many as five—whether side-by-side, or above-and-below.) Renovate a townhouse or loft? Check (times a few dozen).

But we’ve never renovated your apartment, townhouse or loft, with your particular set of preferences, opportunities, challenges, and constraints. That challenge keeps us passionate about our work.










Working with LMA has been a very positive experience.  Our project is staffed with a very detail-oriented project manager who asks all the right questions, and a site super whose seriousness of purpose is ever-present on the site.  Lee’s broad experience as both architect and contractor continues to enrich the project.  The orderly nature of the management of the project filters all the way down to the site which is kept in immaculate condition. 

- Matthew Viederman, Matthew Viederman Architect PC