NYC Apartment Renovation

Renovating a New York City apartment requires a great deal of choreography. First, you have to collaborate with the clients, architects, designers and engineers to create the project. Next, you have to select the ideal subcontractors and vendors —from demolition experts to carpenters, plumbers to electricians, masons to cabinetmakers, domestic and overseas vendors, and more. Finally, you need to bring everything together all while meeting New York’s tight construction deadlines. The process involves obtaining materials; coordinating countless people, schedules, and inspections; installing systems; dealing with asbestos and other hazards; and choreographing delicate items like cabinets, windows, and stairs. All of these things need to happen on time and in the right order.

Over the years, LMA Group has fine tuned our choreography to ensure we culminate with a successful project and happy clients.

New York City apartments come in many shapes, sizes, and configurations. Unfortunately, even the most exquisite among them are not always spacious enough to grow your art collection—along with your family.

Whether you’re moving in for the first time, or acquiring a neighbor’s apartment (or four), we can combine two or more adjacent New York City apartments seamlessly and beautifully.

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